Wine tasting

Want to know and learn more about wine?

Our sommelier Jordy Schuijl is happy to take you through the story behind the wines. With a wide selection of more than 350 different wines, we can go either way. We have divided the wine tastings into various countries and wines. With each wine we serve an amuse bouche to create a delicious wine-food combination.

Would you like to hold a wine tasting?

A tasting consists of 5 glasses with matching amuses.

The cost is 58 euros per person.

We organize various tastings on request.

Feel free to contact us for a nice tasting.

Telephone: 0222-441052


Jordy Schuijl

Sommelier / Owner

As a sommelier and huge wine lover, I work daily with quality wines in different price ranges. Beautiful wines from well-known and lesser-known wineries, cépages and assemblage wines, from leading grape varieties or newer, lesser-known varieties. Behind each of the recommended wines is a story that makes this particular wine so special to me that I heartily recommend it to you.

Limited collection

We regularly have limited editions, special wines that are temporarily available in a limited edition. These are usually wines of which very few have been made. For example, because the winemaker only has a few vines of a special grape variety, or because of a special blending technique. Occasionally limited editions become available through our supplier, and sometimes we manage to import such special wines directly ourselves. I also search for such gems during my wine tours of Europe. We are happy to tell you which limited editions we are currently serving.



Champagne Barons de Rothschild

Restaurant/Wine Bar RJ belongs to the select company of Champagne Barons de Rothschild Ambassadors. This famous, prestigious winery, which has been around for more than 170 years, has dedicated itself to making champagnes since 2005, with the Chardonnay grape as its main grape variety. Barons de Rothschild chooses mainly the (very) best quality grapes: premier cru and grand cru. On our wine list you will find several champagnes from the Barons de Rothschild collection. Our house champagne is the Barons de Rothschild Brut. You can order it by the glass.

Our champagnes

Our wine list features champagnes from Domaine Marteaux Guillaume (MG). A lesser known winery, but surprisingly good! A winemaker that takes a slightly different approach and as far as we are concerned can compete with well-known, iconic Champagne region wineries like Moët & Chandon. Only the price is much more attractive. Guillaume Marteaux belongs to the new generation of winemakers who have already made the switch to organic viticulture wherever possible, out of respect for the earth and all the organisms that live there. For example, MG does not use insecticides and chemical herbicides in the vineyards. All MG champagnes are given five to eight years to reach optimal flavor. Would you like to know more about MG's various champagnes? We would be happy to tell you about them.