Terrace Top 100

RJ restaurant at number 10

Restaurant RJ is in the 2021 Misset Horeca Terrace Top 100. The hospitality trade magazine Misset Horeca announced this in its annual election. Restaurant RJ ranks tenth nationally among the best terraces in the Netherlands. We are extremely happy and proud of this result!


Misset Horeca Terrace Top 100

The Misset Horeca Terrace Top 100 is a ranking produced annually through an independent, expert jury. The Terrace Top 100 has an open registration. Terraces may participate provided they meet four conditions: the terrace must have at least 40 seats, be freely accessible (no entrance e.g. at an amusement park), there must be table service and the terrace must be open at least five days a week during the terrace season. In recent months, all terraces were assessed twice by an expert jury. During these visits, which took place anonymously, jurors paid attention to dozens of aspects of the terrace: from reception and being addressed by staff to working methods, speed, hygiene and payment. Based on the results obtained, the Top 100 was compiled.